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The oral care composition of any preceding claim, wherein the total amount of bioadhesive agent is a polyvinyl methyl ether/ maleic anhydride copolymer in amount of 0. And the antialculus agent is tetrapotassium pyrophosphate or tetrasodium pyrophosphate in an. These compositions comprise a safe and effective amount of an anticalculus agent which is a polyepoxysuccinic acid,. All tooth whiteners will use hydrogen peroxide as the main agent to whiten teeth. Oral Care Composition Containing Silica and Zinc. Agent antialculus. Which provide an antialculus benefit. An oral care composition comprising ( a) a silica abrasive having an average particle size of no greater than the diameter of a dentin tubule, or, alternatively 8 microns or less; ( b) zinc citrate, ( c) a bioadhesive agent, and ( d) an anticalculus agent. Antialculus agents,. Regular teeth whitening kits will use a combination fo surfactants, antialculus agents,. 1 weight % to 10 weight % ; 0. See our range of teeth whitening kits on our website! 5 weight % to 4 weight % ; 1 weight % to 2 weight % ; or 1. The bleaching agent will then be activated for periods of up to 10 or. 5 weight %, based on the total weight of the composition, and the antialculus agent is.

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